About Us

Who we are

NASCOTech is a Spanish-Ghanaian based tech company that provides IT services for businesses worldwide.


Our vision is to provide opportunities for young IT professionals to work with European companies without leaving Ghana in search of fake prosperity.


To bridge the digital gap NASCOTech offers Bootcamps and continuous training to developers.

Our Founders

Last year, nearly 200 000 migrants arrived to Europe escaping poverty. Unfortunately, most of them struggle accessing decent jobs and the vicious circle of poverty worsens. Those who manage to have a decent life are "living miracles" as Ousman says.

Ousman was born in Ghana and immigrated to Europe when he was seventeen, after a 5 year trip, narrated in his book, that almost costs his life several times. After living in the streets of Barcelona, he was adopted by a family and his fate changed. Aware of his luck, he promised himself that he would fight to create opportunities in his country, so that people wouldn't need to escape and risk their lives in search of prosperity.

In 2012 he founded NASCO Feeding Minds, an NGO that builds computer classrooms in rural schools in Ghana. In the past 10 years, they have trained more than 40 000 students in ICT skills

Now, it's time to move a step forward and harness the job opportunities that Africa's transition to the digital economy offers! In 2021, Ousman and his brother Banasco launched Nascotech: a social IT services factory that changes the future of the most vulnerable


ICT labs in rural areas


Students trained in ICT skills


schools accessing the labs






wage growth with Nasco

Our Commitment

By choosing NascoTech you are fostering economic and social change.

We create prosperity and social impact with a sustainable approach: our profits go to our foundation Nasco Feeding Minds